November 1st, 2002

Macbeth the Usurper

Popular Subjects

I was looking at the most popular subjects today. I think it's interesting that musicals are more popular than Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What does that mean? Or does it just make that musical episode that much more of a double-pleasure? A media-a-trois? And what would a menage-a-trois with the musical Buffy episode be like? A multi-media manage-a-trois? The mind boggles.
Macbeth the Usurper


I've been going to class in Bethesda all week. Rather than park and pay in Bethesda, I have been parking on the NIH campus and walking to downtown. Call me a cheapskate.

It's been an interesting week. The weather had done it's best to push be about. I've come in damp more than a few times. I was rather lucky, escaping the worst of the rain on many occasions. Mostly, I just got cold and damp.

The walk is a nice one. You start from the parking lot, then walk along a jogging path. You pass behind some apartment buildings and along a park. Since you are off the major streets, the walk is rather peaceful. That's what it's for. It's a good winder-downer. It was even nicer in the summer when I had my Mac class downtown. That was a very nice walk.

After the footpath comes the older part of Bethesda. This is the old shopping district, which still has many small stores, bars, cafes, and restaurants. If you want good food, here is the place to go.

Eventually you wind up on the busy streets downtown. You have the cars wizzing by you. You also have pretty girls on the street. In all my years out of school, I have rarely worked with anyone below their mid-30's. It's odd but nice to see 20-somethings on the street.

After class, and being cooped up on a classroom all day, I find it very good to walk back again. I have lots of energy to work off. I can browse the stores on the way home. I can grab food. Normally I just make for the car.