October 30th, 2002

Macbeth the Usurper


I just suddenly remembered flying a kite one day with my friend Chris Knapp. We were over near the little park in Linthicum, right next to the water tower. It must have been spring, because I remember green. The string snapped in the strong wind, taking the kite away. We spent a while looking for it in the nearby neighborhood, but we never did find that kite.

After a few all night parties, we would go out kite flying. It was damned good, but Joe Hyla was just insistant about flying that kite. It's fun for the first five minutes, but then I just got cold.
Macbeth the Usurper


I've been reading Frankenstein. Talk about a blow-hard, over-talked, self-important, piece of self-indulgent Romantic literature!

I'm up to the point where the man-made dude wants a wife. Given that everything about him is so much more prodigious, would he be hung as exceptionally as well? Is is bolted on? And would the misses be stacked as remarkably?

Given that Victor Frankenstein is in his early 20's, and suffering a whole lot, I think he's just suffering from Goth-like self-mutilation fantasies, except that he mutilating dead people and bringing them back to life. So he's vicariously mutilating himself.

I think Hollywood had it right. Throw the boring intellectualism out, leaving you with a big dumb guy who knows that he wants a woman. Way to go, Frankie!!! You're balls might be stapled on, but you know you wanna use em.
Macbeth the Usurper

Rainy Day

Boy, it was a chilly rainy day today. I blew off spagetti night because I just didn't want to drive in that stuff. Call it discretion.

I keep thinking about those bedroom walls. I do need a deeper yellow to add some depth and texture. I think I can work this out. Great rainy day project. If this autumn keeps up this way. I'll need a whole lot of them.

A friend of mine commented unfavorably on the ex-girlfriend post. Any opinions out there? Understandable? Poor taste? Annoying? Interesting?
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