October 17th, 2002

Macbeth the Usurper

More Server Weirdness

I'm itching my head over this server connection thing. The update this morning that I did to my good old iBook helped. The BSD server is not longer murdered, kicked, and spat upon my the iBook's weirness. It keeps working. The bad news is that the iBook still loses the server connection. I can make a seperate connection to another drive on the same server, but the drive that gets lost, stays lost.

I popped a different network card into the Windows PC. It now actually runs at 100mbits. Yay.

At work, there is some good news. One of the senior doctors had written a letter of appreciation about my good work. Yay. He's had quite a few of the higher ups sign it, too. That's just the ticket for me. Too bad it won't really get me anything, except appreciated. In theory, they can give me a "special award" and some cash to go with it. In theory.

I've got the go-ahead to take some security classes at work. Anyone know about any computer security classes? School? I'm at a loss for this one.

I've still got the blah. Today's self-abusing question: if girls like the silent types so much, why do they leave us alone so much? The mind wonders.
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