September 30th, 2002

Macbeth the Usurper

Drea-ee-e-ee-eeaaam, oh, drea-ee-ee-ee-e-eeaaam

That subject du jour is dreams.

I am writing a dream journal for my class in Psychology. It has been a little enlightening, and also a little fun.

I have always dreamt in color. I do not remember anything else. I am surprised by others who do not. I mostly see in realism, but occasionally I get these Preraphaelite colors that just overwhelm you. I occasionally try to read, but the words don't make sense unless I concentrate very hard. Even then, the words are not connected with each other. Making sense of them is difficult.

I usually dream about people, places, and things within a day or two of those things.

Most of my dreams happen in the Linthicum that Never Was. I grew up in Linthicum, ouside of Baltimore. I dream about my parents house often. I never dream about my own house, unless I am extremely worried about the house itself. Home is always Home, but never where I am living.

I rarely recall touch in dreams and I do not recall smells. I do remember pressure. Even sounds can be passing. Do I remember sounds? People sometimes talk to me, so I guess that I do.

In the morning, what stays with me are the visuals. There are some dreams that I remember entirely for the visuals. I still recall the romanesque city of domes. I stood there on a grassy hill overlooking the city. Nearby, a group of statues stood: marble dolphins leaping above the grass. In the center, Poseidon strode with his trident, proud sponsor of this polis.

I have dreamt that I died. After lying there dead for a few minutes, I realized that nothing was happening, so I stood back up and went along my merry way.

Sex is always a pleasure to dream of. Those always leave me in a happy mood. I get mighty lecherous when I have a waking dream and I realize that I am in a dream. Oh, the naughty things that I try. :-) Whohoo. Actions without consequences. No Catholic concience. Hehehe.
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Macbeth the Usurper

Interesting Questions

(The yellow paint is on. Pictures may be coming soon. I promise.)

chelseamonday asks too many intersting question.

When I was little, I wanted to be an archeologist. I loved dinosaurs, and that's what I wanted to dig up. Now I know that paleontologists dig up dinosaurs, and archeologists dig up people. Still, I think that both are cool professions. I was a little dinosaur nut.

In high school, I thought I would be doing engineering. I believed those personality/career tests that told me I should be an electrical engineer or a priest.

I got into VT for engineering. I then did a crazy flip into English Lit and Comparative Religion. Go figure. I also studied lots of ancient history.

I was a computer tech for a while. Then I was a tech writer. Then I was a computer tech again. I'm still doing that computer tech thing. I'm thinking about psychology. Damned career tests They were right,

Interestinly, I got interested in dinosaurs again in my 20's. This time, I was also fascinated by HOW and WHEN they were dug up, and by who. The books on excavation of the great fossils are fascinating. Those bone hunters are wacky and inventive people.
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