September 13th, 2002

Macbeth the Usurper

Oh Tests

The Knight In Shining Armor

You are the unsung hero of the land. You put your passion into everything you do, but there's so much chaos it feels like it overwhelms you. You have a unbridled capacity for love, but rarely get the chance to use it. Your home is your castle, and you demand the respect that comes with the title. But the real fact of the matter is, you earned it. You fear there won't be any more dragons to slay.

Hmmm... perhaps this is the most true personality test I've ever taken. It's almost correct. I'm really a knight in tortoise-shell armor. I'm easier to hide in the wood and far more fashionable in the 50's.

Today I'm off to Open Band at Glen Echo. It's a contra dance. I'll be bopping about with my wacky rhythm banjo style. Have fun and do things that I haven't tried yet. Let me know if they are fun, I'll do them too!!!
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