September 11th, 2002

Macbeth the Usurper

A Year Ago

I heard about a plane hitting the twin towers from Chuck. I checked the web sites. Clogged. All clogged but the Washington Post. Yup. Bad stuff. Information got chaotic from there. I IM'd xpioti and chatted with her. She soon informed me that "a bomb just went off at the Pentegon." She was at Navy Medical, so when the news was fresh, it was way fresh. The details got grimmer as time went on.

I eventually went up to the Duke Room and watched CNN on the 52" plasma screens. My boss and all the other bosses were there. The second tower soon fell. I said to myself, "Beautiful. What terrific engineering. " I meant that as the most sincerest of complements to the engineers. That building collapsing so niceley saved the most lives of any action that day.

I could not leave work. We were overflow for Navy Medical. We had no idea how many patients we might get in. The official word that we COULD leave did not come until 3:30 that afternoon.

To cope, I worked as I could and I chatted on ICQ. I had a few friends who were good ears. I also just listened. Once all the news settled down and things stopped happening, all the information became a drone. I could not bear any more. Even more so, there was no new information. I knew well enough that the initial information was passed. What remained would take hours, if not days to publish.

I left work with little or no traffic. So many people had already gone home. I don't recall what I did that night. I think that I slept well.

I would talk about living with fear, but once I compared terrorism to World Wide Thermonuclear War and Mutually Assured Destruction, the mere threat of a few flying bombs did not bother me at all. If I can live with the Russians aiming missiles at me, I could live with this.

I spent most of my day annoyed at all the people listening to their radios. I did not mark today with anything special, other than cursing. They implemented two ID checks and bomb sniffs at all entrances to work, along with metal detectors. I understand the security, but it still annoys me.
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