September 9th, 2002

Macbeth the Usurper


What I really needed to do all afternoon was go home and nap. I felt drained all day. I must have come down with something.

As I read up on studying, one piece of advice aggrivated me. "Don't daydream." It's not bad advice, in general, but "don't do it" isn't go advice if you do daydream. Me, being a grown up daydreamer, this could be a problem. I did dig about until I found some better advice. Say "stop" to yourself. When daydreaming, stand up and turn around. You want to associate attentiveness with your study space. When you are no longer attentive, leave your study space. A final suggestion was to write down your concerns. You can think about them later.

I am playing about with HOW to read my psychology book. I may begin reading the end of chapter summary first. I prefer a good overview of the material before I read the material. Unfortunately, I disklike the way that previews are written. Give me the summary of the information, then give me more detail. That's how I like it.

I got some music in. I have some "White Stripes", who are cool, but don't really grab me. I got more "Gaelic Storm" in, who have a similar fun sound to Great Big Sea. I also ordered more Cub for some odd reason. I hadn't meant to. Ah well, I will listen anyhow.

Musicals in the car work very well. All that broadway timbre cuts through the road noise. The music tends to be upbeat and fun. The subject matter is simple. I definitely need to keep expanding my musical collection.

With the final coat on the floor, I need to repaint another wall. Doh! I should have done this the other way around. Walls get painted before floors. You always work from top to bottom.
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