September 5th, 2002

Macbeth the Usurper


With Sept. 11 coming up, I thought that I would put a few things into perspective:

Death by:
Cigarettes - 440,000
Obesity - 300,000
Highway - 41,730
Second Hand Smoke - 38,053
Suicide - 29,000
Druk Driving - 16,652
Homicide: 17,000
9/11 - 2,500

Given this evidence, and our response to 9/11, let me suggest the following actions to the United States Government:

1. Bomb all the cigarette factories into the ground. Imprison all the Tobacco CEO and company officers on Genocide charges. Do what it takes to purge these American terrorists.

2. The same with fast-food companies.

3. Lock all American up for their own safety. Take away their guns or any other dangerous object.

That should help. We American are far too hazzardous to ourselves to be let loose on a free (or not so free) world.

Seriously, though, 10x more Americans took their own lives in ONE YEAR than the worst act of domestic terrorism ever inflicted upon this nation. 17x more American die due to drunk driving EVERY YEAR. And finally, and oh my God, I got the numbers from multiple sources, the Surgeon General attributes 400,000 deaths due to smoking, 38,000 of which is second-hand smoke.
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Macbeth the Usurper

Pushreels and Poptarts

I dropped off at the grocery today, a few days later than I usually do. I had this hankering for something, but I could not pin it down. Finally, I realized that I wanted BREAKFAST. Mmmmm. Breakfast. I picked up some waffles, toasted a few up, and enjoyed buttered, toasted waffles with apricot jam. Mmmmm.

I also attacked the lawn today. It was getting out of hand. I took my push-reel out and made short work of it. Folks always watch me while I used my push-reel. It's not a power mower. Some people think it's an antique. It's not. I bought it this year. This one goes very good through thickish grass. My older one hates thick grass, and I would have been crying in my soup had I let the lawn go this long.

I need to arrange a second coat of polyurathane, but not today. I really need to crack open my books and start reading.

The teacher did say we have to do dream journals. Since I woke up early this morning, I took it upon myself to start half a semester early on the project. :P Why not? I love writing. My only problem is my usual waking slowly, apathetically, then bouncing out of bed in a panic because I have almost overslept.

My Active Directory class at work got postponed again. *Sigh* 3rd time.
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Macbeth the Usurper


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