August 23rd, 2002

Macbeth the Usurper

Accomplishments Time

Whohhooo, I got my Mac iBook working on my switch box today. I can now play with the little guy on my BIG monitor. That's the cool part. The semi-bitch is that I had to complain to Amazon, in my best whiney voice, "Where's my keyboard/mouse converter? Waaahhhh" They contacted UPS, who said, "We put the shipment in his shed." Ummm...My shed? I would have appreciated a note, folks. I'm not psychic here! When I went to the shed, I discovered this huge cardboard box, and this huge cardboadr box was filled with an infinite number of styrafoam peanuts, and at the bottom of this huge box full of an infinite number of styrafoam peanuts, a little box containing a little USB converter sat hidden away. Once again, real life reminds me that life is a sight gag.

In bad news, the switch box now works, but OSX hates it. Windows always works fine, but for FreeBSD and OSX, the mouse goes fucking crazy. The only workarounds that I know of is to have a mouse for every puter. Blah. I never found a way to help the BSD box. It just hates the switcher. For OSX, you need to unplug the USB connection, then plug it back in. That's a lousy way to change mice.

To summarize, I am not happy with this Belkin switch box. I must research. Based on my previous research, the solution may be to spend $$$ on another switch box. Crud. I hate throwing money at electronics.

Anyhow, with all that crud in, I can now sit down and write the LiveJournal from my Mac. The next step is to get the wireless in, then I can write this from anywhere in the house. I need an airport card and an access point.

In good news today, it rained!!!!

I haven't gotten in touch with Jennifer yet about this weekend. I was going straight to her phone's voice mail. She might not be picking up again, which she's done before. Sooner or later I will get through. Despite us getting along, I have these little monkey's jabbering in my ear, "Brush off, brush off." I wish they would stop it.
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