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Please press one if you know your party's extension

I have never enjoyed waiting on the phone. I always find it a shortcut to a headache. For me, headaches tend to develop into migraines, so you can tell that I do not have a healthy relationship with headaches. My particular headache today is my headache for the last year: my car MP3 player.

About a year back, I picked up a Kenwood KDC-MP8017 via Crutchfield. It went in easily enough, and that made me well satisfied. About a month in, it began cutting out for no real reason. I would fiddle with it, but I never found a culprit. I finally bought another wiring harness, but even that did not fix it. At first, I could get around the "cutting out" problem when I discovered that cleverly jiggering the wires let the stereo keep playing. If one of the channels dropped, the stereo still played. More recently, even that trick has not been working. When the stereo acts up, it starts up with a bit of static, then you never hear anything again. That's kind of upsetting for $300.

So here I am, right now, just waiting on the phone for Kenwood. Every thirty seconds, the friendly woman chirps in to say, "Please stay on the line. Your call is important to us." I am not sure which is more aggrivating, staying on the line, or having that woman talk to me.

I finally got through to a human. He said to call the service department and gave me an extension. He believed that he head unit was malfuctioning. That is so weird, having the company believe me. Maybe their tactic is to have you wait on the phone, and if you wait all that time, you must mean it. Truley.

The service department wound up being confusing. I wound up talking to technical support, just a different technical support than the first technical support that I spoke with. This guy was a more curt. His customer service skills (kissing up) were not as good. The good news is that he told me how to get service on my unit. The place is down on Old Georgetown road, which suits me fine. So now I get to have a little fun poking my stereo with a paper clip, then hoping that this strange technical magic worksl

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