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Had my first Psych test today. I hope that all works out. I'm shooting for a high A, although I really don't know what I will get. Okay, I know that I will get a B or better. I whipped through most of the test, so either I was off my rocker bigtime, or I did allright.

Dinner was at the Baja Grill. Yummy food. The chicken burrito was extremely good. Nice flavor. It took me two sittings to eat the whole thing. Yum.

At work, I sat in on a review of patients. The radiologists were going over some diagnoses and what they had learned about their techniques. That was cool and kinda interesting.

Also on that note, I have volunteered to become a "Normal Volunteer". (No, it's not an oxymoron, you dopes.) I hope to participate in some studies, then watch what happens to my data. That will be cool. I hope that I can post some picture of my innards here. I really want to post a brain scan. That would be so way cool. The first appointment won't be for a while, so I'll pipe up when that happens.

Work was under a DDoS attack today. The internet was slow as heck. However, work has two T3 lines coming into it, so totally blocking the internet is kinda hard.

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