Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Genre Question

I have a quick question to the audience: what do you call the genre where you can learn the history of a non-existant machine or technology.

For example, let's take the Death Star.

Space Opera - The Death Star can destroy planets! We must stop it!

Science Fiction - The Death Star operates using an anti-graviton beam. This cancells the gravity in an area of space. After that, the planet's centrifical forces just rip it apart.

??? Fiction - The Death Star was designed by the Geonosians just before the Clone Wars. It was researched at X facility by Y scientist. The keel was laid down in Z year. One bazillion tons of steel was used in its construction. The entrance foyer was Nabooan marble. The decor was military gray.

More examples include the cut-away books, Enterprise blueprints, and the inventory of the warp drive.

Right now, I want to call this techno-fiction, because I don't have another word for it. But is there a word for this style of fiction?
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