Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I hate to say it, but I miss Reagan. When he won, boy, did he win. You had no doubt. I didn't like the guy, but you never had any doubt that he won the election.

I am saddened by the likely defeat of Kerry. I don't like the weasle, and wish that the Dems had actually nominated someone with less hair gel, but I am still saddened.

Losing Daschle is worse. Much worse. The losses in the House and Senate are bad.

So, we can thank the successful Clinton years for forcing the Republicans to get more organized and more effective. Now it's our turn. There's your motivation, folks. Get motivated.

I heard that "moral" were the surprise sleeper issue. Well, morals is the words that the Dems need to start using:
- the health of the environment is a moral issue
- healthcare is a moral issue
- a balanced budget is a moral issue
- equal opportunity is a moral issue

We got to start using that word. Moral.

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