Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Da Plate

First off, the seventh seal has been broken. The Apocolypse is nigh. The Redsox won the world series.

I've made a mixed CD of Stephin Merritt songs. The idea is to play this CD in my car until I learn all the lyrics. It's slowly working.

I'm reading "The Knight" by Gene Wolfe.

The basement painting goes. Yay. End is now in sight. That first layer of primer is the hardest. After that, everything goes on much easier.

I've been skipping Spaghetti night recently. 70m to get there in stop-and-go traffice, and 45min back is a hefty cost for spaghetti and a film. The break has been nice. I should start hauling myself out again soon.

At work, all the end-of-the year equipment came in at the SAME TIME as my summer equipment which is three months late. I have quite a full plate.

The car hates going. Gas-dewatering stuff didn't work. Next is carburator cleaner and a new air filter.

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