Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

The Weekend

On Thursday, we bopped out of town and visited Wendy up in NJ.

On Friday, we slummed around town and had a mighty good breakfast. Then it was off to Boston, where we arrived in the rain. Jen showed me her alma matter, Harvard. After that, I was in a "coffee and pizza" mood, but we had Vietnamese instead. Yay, pho.

On Saturday, we went apple picking, enjoyed the Three Apples Storytelling festival, then went to visit a few more of Jen's friends (whose names I have already lost).

Sunday, we had dinner at O'Rouke's diner with a few more of Jen's friend, Jen and Ethan. O'Rouke's has been voted best diner in America. We also visited an apple festival. Sunday night, we arrived back in New Jersey at Jen's mom's house.

Monday, we made it home safely.

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