Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Quick Questions

Name a CD you own that no-one else on your friends list does:

That would be easy if I didn't have pop-kids on my friends lists. My best bet would be Josie Cotton. Behind that would be the Triffids or the Reivers.

Name a book you own that no-one else on your friends list does:

This is again, too easy. "God's Playground," a two volume set on Polish History, and too dry for words.

Name a movie you own on DVD/VHS/whatever that no-one else on your friends list does:
I have a large musical collection, which make me a unique genre collector among my friends. From those musicals, I will pick Gigi. For good measure, 42nd Street.

Name a place that you have visited that no-one else on your friends list has:
"Enchanted Forest," a playground from the 50's-70's for children.
The graveyards inside BWI airport. Both of them.
A Dell computer assembly plant in Austin.

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