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Paint Job

Whohoo!!! Victory. The first wall looks F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. Wow. I am impressed. I was standing there saying, "Oh baby, yeah, oh yeah. That's real good. Oh, keep doing that." This will be so cool.

Surprisingly, this technique of sponging takes very little paint. I doubt that I will use 0.5 gallons for the entire room. The first cup or two covered an entire large wall. I think that I only needed a quart. If I needed two quarts, the price is the same as a gallon, so I am likely better off this way.

Now that I think about it, I do have 1/2 a gallon of yellow paint in the basement. I may experiment with another layer. This could be cool ... No, forget that. That's gloss. I'm using flat.

I went personals surfing this morning. Yahoo personals suck, imho. "Hi, I like to eat and walk and watch movies. I hope we have something in common." ICK!!! Yuck!!! Don't go there.

The Onion's personal section is much more fun. I think that you have two have two brain cells to find the Onion, AND find it funny, to leave an ad there. I think I have some shopping to do, and that means writing. The cool part about web personals is the writing. The bad part is the writing.

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