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Here's a quote.

Addicting people to praise as a motivator puts them on a slippery slope toward a lifetime of fear and exploitation, always looking for some expert to approve of them.

He goes on to describe how he participated in a program that tried to use money to motivate kids in schools. He was then given no supervision and on how to use this money. No program. He then tried one approach, it didn't work, and he gave up. Where do you see the problem?

The next chapter is how God is not in schools. Ahhh. The toucher subject are coming later, but at this time, you are giving him more authority. Cleverly written. The chapter then talks about how the past was better than times are now. That's a common misconception. Read a little history and you found out things were pretty rotten back in the day.

The central fear spoken throughout is that sending your kids to school dumbs them down, brainwashes them into corporate cogs, and leaves them with no self esteem.

The repetition of a belief, stated enough, becomes true. This work relies on this. The only purpose of the work is that schools do nothing but chew up and spit out children. This fundamental idea is never challenged within the work.

Finally, the student is still not held to account.

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