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We watched a whole slew of Anime, most of which I already don't remember and can't tell you the title of. I sat down with Denise and looked at Brian and Lori's house plans. Denise knows blueprints far better than I. (Have I really known her fourteen years? Sheesh!)

I did take the time to type my class notes onto my computer. That was a review, but not a great review. It also kept me occupied as I wasn't too interested in the show at the time.

This was a good JASFA for chatter. (JASFA=Japanese animation science fiction association. The group dates from the early 80's. It's best described as an anime pot-luck party.) The conversation was quite lively and often politicallly wrong (not merely incorrect or mistaken.)

Naturally, I had many doggie kisses from Katie, who only managed to knock two drinks over while I was there.

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