Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Things were accomplish.

First off, I love having a working clutch on my car.

Jen's brother is down in DC again. He came over and helped out painting the basement while Jen edited his job-search letters. I call that a fair trade. Dinner came via Taipai Tokyo Cafe.

Today, I did some footwork and prepped up boxes for auction. I now have stacks of boxes in my office. Now i have to go weigh them and found out how much shipping costs. After that, I can run more auctions. I also took pictures of the banjos. (I still have no idea how I'm going to ship those things. Akk!!! Lesson: don't sell anything that you can't ship.)

While I was at the Container Store buying boxes, I bought more containers. Big surprise! The office is slowly getting resorted, but what a mess it makes.

I had a blue Esterbrook pen come in. The color is pretty, but the pen has seen better days. A few bite marks on it is enough to make it a career limited pen. Fortunately, all the internals work right, so I'll just use this guy as an everyday pen, and retire one of my everyday Esterbrooks.

The gray bunny might belong to our neighbors. We noticed that they had a chicken grazing in their yard on Saturday. Yes, a chicken. Sometimes I just love my neighborhood.

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