Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

No Open Band

Never did make Glen Echo last night, as work caught Jen in a head-lock and she got home late.

I sold my first bit of Magic Cards. 1 Fallen Empires set = $33. There was a time when an entire booster box of this set sold for $20. They way overprinted this card run, then the market crashed. Owie. Ten years later, I can finally sell them at a low loss.

I found another two boxes of Fallen Empires boosters in the basement. Those go for $80 or so.

My lessons learned so far:
- Figure out how to box things up before you auction them off.
- Figure out how much the boxes cost.
- Figure out how much shipping costs.

I also got the car back. YAY!!! Now I have to break in and get to know a new clutch. First gear now has all the subtlety of a baseball bat. Or more appropriately, all the subtlely of a craked-to-11 subwoofer.

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