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Things to not say

Having been through another breakup, I am reminded of all the awful and terrible things that people say to you:

- "I'm sure tha you will find the perfect girl for you." ... Yes, I am sure, too. Do you mind if I go back to having fun with the imperfect ones? Is that so bad? How about a "good enough for now and on to spring" kind of girl. That sounds like a good time to me. When I was 18, I had a whole lot of future. I'm now 36, and I really don't believe in the perfect dream. I'm happy with pretty good.

- "It wasn't meant to be." ... Okay. That's a deep insight. It provides no comfort. It helps me learn no lessons. It guides me nowhere. Jesus, this is a useless platitude. It relieve me of all responsibility in my relationships. I don't buy that.

- "When you stop looking, you'll find somebody." ... Ummm, I did stop looking. I spent years between girls. Hello? What's the lesson here? When I stop looking, nothing happens. I think that I deserve more than nothing. The girl isn't going to call me. (Take this from experience. Trust me. The girl is NOT going to call me.) Fate can hand me a girl, but it's up to me to actually catch her.

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