Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

On Protests

Why are the protests at the Republican convention so much worse than those at the Democratic?

I can only conclude that people don't feel heard. When they don't feel heard, they get much more pushy about voicing their opinions. That is disturbing. This implies that the Left feels very unheard by the current administration, and they are voicing their frustrations here.

In local news, the rumor floating about the building is that terrorists were scoping it out and taking pictures. How can we conclude that? Arab looking people wearing visitor badges were taking pictures. They MUST have been terrorists. I find it interesting that this is the only explanation for any picture taking behavior. This is the current psychology. No other explanation is allowed to exist. In this case, this theory might be correct as this is a prominent federal facility, but you can see how this thinking is already taken to the extreme.

I will remind the readership that more white people kill more white people than terrorists kill white people. We continue being our own, worst enemies. And more white people smoking cigarettes sold by white people die of cancer caused by those cigarettes than most wars kill.

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