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So, They Got Married 50 Years Ago

50 Years ago this weekend, my parents were married. That is a remarkale acheivment in this day and age. To celebrate, they invited 100 friends and neighbors to celebrate with them. They set up a large tent in the yard. They hired a caterer. They bought a cake. They even sent out invitations.

Mom wanted me to show early to help out with things. Valerie and Judy were already there helping when I arrived. Eric would show up later. Carol would also show up later.

I gave my parents a scanner and a photo-printer. They appreciated the gift.

My first real task was to ride out to the store and pick up some things. My father drove. I enjoyed the trip, as enjoyed looking out the window at the neighborhoods and the scenery. Much had changed in Linthicum and Glen Burnie over the last decade, yet much remained the same. Sometimes I miss that part of Maryland. The DC area gets too over stuffy.

The cateres arrived about one. They brought the worlds smallest big truck with them. Think of a super-deformed moving van, and you will get the idea. This thing was tall like a regular van, but very squat at the same time. Along with them, they brought a portable smoker/grill to cook all kinds of good meat in. They server ham, beef, turkey, and pepper turkey. All of it was extremely good.

Tom, my brother-in-law, arrived about one. He hooked up all the stereo equipment so that the party could have music. We were treated to Perry Como, Dean Martin, and other such era singers.

Carol's husband Seth provided the tent. His brother borrowed it from John-Deer, so the tent was free. Free is a good price.

I spent much time taking pictures, speaking to old family friends, and learning a bit about my parents. There is much more to say about this affair, of course, but that's all that I feel like saying right now.

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