Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Went to see Godspell last night with Jen. We had a fine dinner at Shlotski's deli, near Van Ness/UDC. We then walked up to some school and saw a summer program production of Godspell. The director goes to Jen's church, so she heard about this thing.

All in all, it was enjoyable. It was cool to see what fairly untrained kids could pull off. They had their limits, and their mistakes, but you expect that from them. The production held together and existed as itself, which is always the #1 achievement. When they synched into harmony, they really filled the house.

The weekend agenda:
- Tonight: Nothing
- Friday-Monday: Vacationing with Jen's family

We're going to miss the Americana film festival. Alas. We could easily be triple or quadrupal booked for the weekend. (If folks want to know more about these monthly film festivals, drop a line to Kittykatya. I am sure she'd welcome more cool people into her house.)

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