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Dinner With Christi

I grabbed dinner with Christi (xpioti) today after work. It's been a while since I've seen her face. And, oh, she didn't show me any of her pictures. We were so busy, we plum forgot!!! Oh Christi, we must do dinner again, and this time do it right!

I picked up that sub-woofer. Given the high price range that I could go, I picked me up a modestly priced one at $160. I'm still trying to tweak the thing into having the proper volume. Should I have ponied up another $100 like a good audiophile? I don't know.

No big surprise, I am missing Jen a little. I find myself asking questions like, "If I'm really as great as she says, then how do I find myself here? Is there such a thing as no faith? Am I damned to a life of strangers in my bed? What makes somebody else so worth it?" Each time a girl goes, it gets harder to go onto the next. The spirit within me wants to settle, yet here I am, unsettled. I hate doubting myself.

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