Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

The Weekend

This weekend went well. Jen's friends Ken and Jen came through town, and we visited with them. We dined down in Besthesda at BD's Mongolian BBQ.

On Saturday, we attacked the lawn, then went to the New York film festival over at Tim's. I had already seen most of the films recently, so I settled into playing too much Freeciv on my laptop.

On Sunday, we made it out to Shrek 2. Very funny. There was one scene where I howled like I rarely ever do. The people who made this film know how to pull off gags, and I worship at their comedic feet. I adored Jennifer Saunders as the Fairy Godmother. She kicked ass. LOL. The plot isn't worth talking about, as in most comedies, cause they're either oversimplistic or makes no sense. This film is no exception. If you want complicated, intellectual plots, watch a documentary.

I'm reworking the museum in Morrowind. I scrapped all the previous attempts as I've found a wonderful architecture in game that works perfectly to make a museum.

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