Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

The Weekend

This weekend went well enough.

I had Friday off. Yay. I meant to do the lawn, but with all the rain, I just stayed in, played Morrowind, and kept trying to figure out the Morrowind Construction Kit. That wrapped up in a chill game at kittykatya's house.

Saturday saw a visit to the fountain pen shop in Kensington. Jen is slowly paying for a pen. I visited many pens, too. They're not cheap, but they write oh-so-nice. A '51, which I liked, ran $100-150. That night, Jen took me to the Melting Pot in Rockville. Good stuff. So much good food I walked out in pain. They also made an amazing chocolate martini. We meant to see Kiraku and the Sorceress afterwards, but we instead crawled home and watched Mary Poppins.

On Sunday, it was the birthday, birthday, birthday, and father's day gathering at my parent's house. That's three birthdays and father's day all in the same month. We brought shish-kabobs unassembled. The kids loved assembling them. We wrapped up the evening with a few more first season Buffy episodes.

Somewhere in there, we made more progress into Beowulf. We read the fight with Grendel. We debated about whether Beowulf had the overconfidence drawback, but eventually decided that he did not have this, as he actually could do what he said he could do.

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