Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Cicaeda on Tour

Those damned cicaedas have turned the volume up to 11 over this weekend. WOW. They are fricking LOUD out there.

Went down to the AFI to see Godzilla. This is a "restored" (still lousy) print with new subtitles. The film itself is quite melencholy. Quite. Nobody gets to be happy. But you do get to the see the most realistic depicting of a burning, then bombed out city that you will see in most films. The people who made this film KNEW what a burning Tokyo actually looked like, due to WWII first hand experience.

We had Tim over for dinner. We made taco salads that turned out rather well.

Jen's car stopped turning over. We were able to pop-start it and get it to a car place. He battery was dead. While we were there, we had them fix the brakes. She now feels much better driving about in her car. Meanwhile, the clutch is slipping worse in my car. *sigh* I JUST got the credit card paid off. Well, gotta get it done.

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