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It's been a long time, but we actually played GAMES last night. Wow. We enjoyed outselves with Unexploded Cow and US Patent #1. Both were Cheap Ass games.

This morning saw the shift of the b ed into the living room. Amazingly, the living room is a little bigger than the bedroom. I attacked the lawn with both the weed wacker and the lawn mower. The overgrown flowerbeds are now no more.

UPS delivered another package without leaving an announcement. I heard the side word swinging, so I took a look. Yup, there was an UPS package. Inside was April March "Chick Habit", Marti Jone's "Tidy Doily Life", and another copy of Dox Dixon's latest. Ooops. Ordered two of those. I got confuxed.

April March is noteworthy for having been an artist on 1st season Ren and Stimpy.

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