Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Dubya on campus

Da main main, da BIG dude, da pointy hair boss will be on campus today. That's right, somewhere around here, Dubya, George W. Bush, the President of these United States, will *FINALLY* be visiting the NIH campus. (Better late than never.) Of course, we don't know exactly where (security reasons), but I can speculate (but I won't).

In this building, we have a wall filled with pictures of past presidents who came to visit. We have Clintons, elder Bush, Reagan, Carter, and a few earlier presidents. Noticeably absent is the most recent president. I hope we soon have a new picture. (Yes, I know that I'm not a fan of the Man, but the wall of prestige must be maintained. If this place is good enough for Reagan, it's more than good enough for Dubya.)

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