Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Upcoming Films

I was watching the trailer for The Day After Tomorrow. I went to myself, "Wow, an SF movie with a scientist in it!!!" That's a throwback. Once upon a time, ALL SF films had their scientists in them, with the job of explaining the plot. (I'll ignore Jeff Goldbloom in Jurrasic Park. Chaos Theorists just don't have the same bookish quality that you need from SCIENTISTS.)

Connie and Carla looks like fun. Two women hide out by dressing like drag queens and singing musical numbers. That's much more fun! Eat your heart out, Victor Victoria.

Over the weekend, had a few folks over for dinner, rumhann  and lavender_liz. They helped us to inaugurate our new table, along with being a good excuse for fresh salmon. </span>

Alistair Cook died. So has Peter Ustinov. Both fabulous voices. If I could look like sex on wheels or sound like Peter Ustinov, I might just pick the latter.

I do have a picture of Teresa and Saffa. I should post it. Yes. Definitely.

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