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I Think I Got 1/2 of It

Okay, I've got an idea. I'll move the bedroom to the living room. Then, to protect my privacy a little when the door is open, I'll put up a divider. I'll take about 5 tension poles and put them vertical, thus making an imprompu frame. After that, I'll go to the local fabric store and pick up remnents. I'll weave those through the poles, in theory creating a cool pattern.

When I am done sleeping in the living room, I will take the poles and the cloth to the basement, where I will suspend them all from the ceiling, thus beautifying an otherwise ugly ceiling. Even more cool, I recycle, which is always good.

I picked up a pair of Bose speakers for the living room. They ran about $190. I can now listen to the stereo again, as I ran wires from the basement to the living room.

I still need to mow that pesky lawn.

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