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With all this talk about moral and lewdness on television, I think it's time that we get back to traditional American values:

Looking back over film in the last hundred years, I've learned lots about everyday America.

- Burlesque shows were once filled with raunchy comics, toilet humor, and strippers.
- Gambling is an American obsession, especially cards.
- Fighting used to be commonplace at sporting events.
- Everyone used to drink and drive.
- Political corruption was rife through American society.
- Gangsters used to deliver booze to all the American willing to drink it. They gathered in seedy places and listened to seedy music.
- The cops were always right.

As you can see, America was far more moral in the past than it is now. What America needs to do is rediscover it's old values. Given what American values used to be, I think that Miss JJ teasing us with a bit of flesh was just what grandpa would have approved of.

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