Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

DVD Heck

I produced many coasters last night with my new DVD burner. Dratted thing just kept crapping out randomly. I finally ripped it out of the case, put it in the PC directly, and everything worked fine. *sigh* Well, that put an end to my plan of DVD world domination. The CD recorder went into the case. I have yet to test this with Jen's laptop. I hope that it works well. I will soon see.

Since last night was cold, I wimped out and stayed at home. Brrr.

At work, I am putting together a baby shower for my partner, Teresa. This is new stuff for me. Everyone kept asking me when it was, so I realized that I was now in charge, so I'm in charge. This is not a surprise shower, though. Pinning Teresa down can be tough.

Here are the signs that I may be a terrorist:
- I associate with peace activists

Who needs more evidence? We all know the danger that peace activists pose to the security of this nation.

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