Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Good news for Jen

Jen is still interviewing. She now has a job offer. Yay. It's down the street from where she lives at the moment, just before she moves across town. Boo.

She's at another interview today. She's been interviewing at a non-profit for weeks now. They seem to love her. It's not a fully funded position. The fit is perfect for her. I'd rather her take this job, as her conflict-resolution field is quite hard to get into.

I picked up a DVD drive and an external enclosure. It can connect to my PC, my Mac, my Solaris box, and Jen's laptop (which has a missing CD drive). Useful. Very useful. Runs both firewire and USB2. Oddly enough, the PC can't write to it as a firewire drive, but sees it fine under USB2. Hmmm. Very curious.

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