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Another Busy Day at Work

Tuesdays are busy days.

This morning, I was in backups all the way to work. Even once inside the campus, there was a significant backup. All told, I was 20 minutes late. Ouch. Not good.

After work, I have to boogie, because work to food to class takes up about 1:15 minutes. That gives me 15 minutes leeway to reach class. (Food today was a Lebenese platter. I've had better. It's mostly just Greek with a few twists.)

I'm getting stressed up again. *sigh* I hate stress. One day I will get a low stress job. The job stress this month is the continue assertion that we must provide good, professional customer service, yet mechanically clock X tickets under X minutes each, like we were on a help desk. Hello??? I do understand that all our ticketing helps us to get more money, which is how I got hired in the first place. That doesn't mean that I like it. Beyond a certain point, I simply find it unprofessional.

I'll do my time in my current position. When I can find another one at a higher pay grade that looks like enough fun, I'll go there.

I never was good a dumping stress.

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