Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

I perused the fancy edition of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang over the weeked. Wow.

First off, they cleaned the film something great. I caught no obvious flaws during the showing. I saw no graininess. I do believe they had a great print to start with, if not the actual negatives. They did not include this information in the extras, so I don't know. The color work of the film blew my socks off. Outstanding. This director knew how to use color and use it well. Interestingly, the director, Broccolli directed many of the Bond films. Ian Flemming wrote both!

The film opens with a silent film of a few races in 1909. We meet our heroic motor car, and its tragic accident during a race. If you look carefully, the film is ever so gently sped up, to give you a bit of that 20's feel, and adding to the general freneticness of the intro.

The Dolby 6.1 remix worked very well for the film. All the sound work was outstanding.

For extras, they included a few games, the demo tapes of the songs, a few light documentaries, and other fluffy stuff. There was no commentary track, which is sad, as many of the actors are still alive and available. One documentary is about the man who maintained the car for the film, then bought the car off the studio and still keeps it and tours it today. Another was about the man who built all those wacky inventions for the Potts workshop.

It's worth a see, for those of you who enjoy a fun musical.

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