Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


I have survived the holidays. Hot f*** damn. Whohoo. We wound up coming back on Saturday night and collapsing straight into bed. Jen was sick much of the time. I hated her step-father awful pipe. We both had our little miseries. But Jen did get to experience much mom and family happiness, which is all good.

Jen got me a waffle maker. She's so good to me. It was even a second hand waffle maker. That wins even more points. She'll keep looking, and hopefully, can find a vintage 50's waffle maker for me.

Today, I got the washing machine and dryer hooked back up, along with the deep sink. I did a dump run. Sadly, the mosaic table went to the dump, too. I had no room for it. In addition, it had a few other problems, including degrading glue. I did not use good stuff for it. I did not know better at the time. So I finally made the decision and dropped it.

I also ditched the last bit of a desk that was in my house when I bought it. Somehow, they got this huge metal desk into my back room. I had to disassemble it to remove it. The only part left was the desk top, because it was a useful table surface. No more. It's now in the scrap metal pile.

I popped a spark plug on the trip home. Eeek! I got lucky that I didn't pop the plug on the way back from NJ. Phew! Fortunately, I could make my way home, then put it back. Of course, now I have an engine light that won't go off, because something went wrong, and no unpaid mortal could possible be allowed to clear the light.

Beastwars, Season 1. Something new to watch.

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