Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Da Weekend and Da Weekday

I'm home today. The hispanic labour class is working on my basement. I am getting my sump pump and drainage put in over the next few days. That's the good news. The bad news is: what the f*** do I do with my basement? This boggles my mind.

On the agenda:
- Buy a power-washing (heheheheh)
- Wash down the walls and floor
- Re-prime the walls
- Clean the old tile residue off the floor
- Re-tile the floor
- Replace the main water valve and get a second valve put in.
- Install one-demand hot water heater? (This is to save space.)
- Figure out a floor plan
- Fix any wiring that needs to get fixed
- Figure out how I'm doing the ceiling
- Light fixtures
- Studs
- Electrical Outlets
- Vents and heating
- Install the ceiling
- Wallboard, taping, and mud
- Priming and painting
- Finishing, plates, vent
- Doors
- Carpeting? (depends of the floor)
- Move stuff in and arrange
- Scream at the top of my lung.

Friday night was caroling and a pot-luck. Yummy.

Over the weekend, I went off to see the Return of the King at the Uptown. The plan was to show up early, grab breakfast at the Firehook, hook up with both Jen's friends and my co-work Alex, then see the show. Things did not work out so conveniently. When we got there at 9am, the line was already long and people were seating. Drat. I grabbed breakfast and stood outside in the cold, waiting for people. Jen went in to save seats. Jen's friends showed a about five minutes before the show. Alex never did show. (She overslept in Baltimore.)

The RoTK was most impressive on a big screen. Very nice. Oddly, we have very little to say about the film. The whole thing move from one end to the other. There really wasn't much plot to talk about. Maybe with a second showing, we will notice more things.

I ran into Silmaril after the showing, too. She was in line. She was seeing it again. She intended to go back more. She is a Tolkien fool, as if you couldn't tell by her name.

Sunday was time over Mom and Dad's. Christmas was early. Much good food. The grandchildren received many presents. Jen made out better that I did. LOL. My family was very kind to her.

Jen has a few interviews coming up. Good luck to her.

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