Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

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Still Staring at the Walls

I keep looking at my living room. I can't bear to not do something. But what? Speak to me, oh muses, and show me your guidance!!! I shall sacrifice a hecotomb (of marshmallow peeps) to you should you rain your passions upon me!

And those ceiling fan blades. I never did like all that black. It never worked as well as I had hoped. Hmmm. Things to think about.

I like getting complimented at work. One of my bosses complemented me to one of my other bosses. He talked "special awards", which means bonuses. Dang, I like success. I hope that I can keep this up.

Thinking of professions, I should contact the psycologist at work. That should be a great informational interview. I also have the entire National Institute of Mental Health a few buildings over. I am sure that there are folks over there to chat with.

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