Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Headed myself down to J.C. Penny last night. I picked myself up a comfy, flannel robe. We're talking snuggly goodness here. (The girlfriend will like this, I'm sure.) Added some pants and socks to that. Then I popped over to the bookstore and picked up the newest Harry Potter. Yes, I have not read this yet. Jen finally got the book on tape, so now I have been shamed into reading it. (She was about #60 on the wait list, way back when.)

My red sneakers, which have, to my own astonishment, become my trademark, are getting a bit cold now that the weather is, well, not so warm. I bought the red chuckers for the summer. They did great. Six month later, my feets are gettin cold. Time for more shoes.

I found out that I get a government discount for Mac software. That means an upgrade to Panther for about $70. Whohoo.

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