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A Weekend

I thought I was going to a wedding in New Jersey this weekend. Jen gave me a pass on that, letting me stay home and rest. Then I finally took my rainy day fund and bought myself a new Yamaha amplifier. Ooooh, sweet. The sound field on this puppy is much nicer the the last amp. (You know the one I've complained about. It's a mid-90's Sony.)

Along with that came a few upgrades. The DVD player now feeds in via SVHS and fiber to the amp. The Playstation feeds the same way. The amp, strangely enough, has an RCA digital in for the CD player. Odd, yet inconvenient, as the CD player has an optical digital connector. I stuck with plain old RCA cables for that.

I just realized that the AMP has no selection for a tape deck. Oh, my, now I feel old.

The subwoofer is now connected via a single patch to the amp, instead of being connected to all the speaker outputs, and then to all the speakers. That was a messy setup. This is much nicer. This also corrected an ongoing balance problem that I had with the subwoofer. (I found that the cutoffs had been strange, and that the base was often out of balance with the volume.)

This amp has a nice little sound field where it plays 6-channel stereo. This fills the room to an amazing degree.

I like my new toy.

I do wish I had an SVHS connector on the TV, but I don't. I'm stuck there. The singnal won't get any better without switching the TV. As I watch one hour of TV in a week, that isn't worth it. It's not even worth the musicals yet. Considering that an acceptable replacement is a $3000 flat HDTV, I don't think it's getting replaced anytime soon.

I've run out of space on my little cart. I am considering a VCR/DVD combo, as space means more than money right now. The DVD player is still fairly new, and I can't stand that I'd replace it again. I could pick up a DVD/TiVo combo, which doesn't actually need a subscription, but that's pricy, too. Or, I could just keep the existing VCR on the shelf, and push it a few more years until it just dies. That's very tempting.

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