Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Montgomery county, south of downtown Rockville, is pretty much blacked out. Here at work, we have power. The NIH has it's own powerplant. (Note: I don't mean generator, or even big generator. I mean powerplant feeding NIH and Navy Medical with power through underground tunnels. Thank you, Cold War.)

It was eerie this morning, with all the blank street lights down 355 and Old Georgetown Road. I did hit a few lights along the way, but these were spotty. There is a street light near the Silver Diner that is the only light on in the area. Nothing else was working. Weird.

The wind didn't get that bad in my area. A few limbs are down, but mostly there are just leaves everywhere. There's also dead branches everywhere. There weren't many low-level winds. All the trees got whipped around fairly high up.

All in all, I got off easy.

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