Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Here it comes

They let us off work early. I popped home and took care of my in-game Star Wars business. While playing after that, the power popped off. I heard a big thoom, and that was it for the power. I'd say it was 3:45 or so. The wind wasn't bad or anything. Even so, we lost power. That's the way my neighborhood goes.

After I lost the computer, I had nothing better to do than clean the kitchen, roll the change, clean up the living room, sort through a closet, and even arrange the paper recycling. I was quite the busy beaver. Now I'll be watching 42nd Street on my laptop. I love my Mac laptop. This is too cool. It's the best thing in a power outage.

I did have the mad plan to hook up the internet via wireless using my UPS's as a power supply. You see, I had shut the off as soon as the power went out. Sad new is, that wasn't enough. Neither would turn on. I am now reduced to using a phone line to access the Internet. This is sooo primitive.

The weekend agenda looks busy. Saturday will be the D&D game. On Sunday, the game group will be meeting up at Ren Fair. If anyone out there plans to be there on Sunday, drop me a line. I'll be showing Jen off (and giving her an excuse to dig into her costume closet), and she'll be showing me off.

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