Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski


Off to a specialist today. Whee. Off for some imagin work tomorrow. I'll be glad when the docs have a clue.

Picked up my school books.

Tulsa was a much different city than I expected. It was like a suburb out of TV. The houses reminded me of the ones in Bewitched and all those 60's sitcoms. In fact, the place was just a huge suburb. Calling it a city is almost a misnomer.

The food in Tulsa was great. I kid myself when I say that DC has a terrific amount of good food. Tulsa proves that you can find good food anywhere. I had zuchinni pancakes and salmon on Friday night. Saturday bruch had the best sufflet. Saturday night was shishkabobs and some saffron rice. Sunday was leftovers.

I think that I left all my pages of notes in Jen's bag. *sigh*

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