Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

A Brief Gap

Tonight saw the terrible lawn get mowed, and cry the whole time stubbornly about it. I had to work at it, but the front yard fell to my stubborness. The next attempt will be The Backyard Strikes Back.

The forum wraps up tomorrow. I invited folks from work, but with as busy as things have been, I was unable to engage folks in any meaningful conversation.

You can find them at Their web site completly fails to convey the idea. It's a very good web site, but what they convey is most human, and words get in the way of that. I did not take the course because of what they said. I took it because of what the students said about it. Interestingly, there was only one paid employee at the converence. Everyone else was a volunteer.

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