Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Weekend Agenda:

- Friday: anything but Star Wars Galaxies (which has been my life)
- Saturday: shopping for clothes
- Sunday: Dinner over my sisters

I could talk about my on-line gaming life, but that's useless. That's an awful thing for a live journal. Around the game, Sony put a bit patch in, and the crybabies are complaining that you can't make any money. You can do lots of things in this game, and do them well, if you sit down, think about what you are doing, and be a bit patient. You CAN make money. However, the economy is dynamic, so a one trick pony approach does not work.

Recently, the game has become overrun with creature handlers. That became known as an easy way to be successful. Whatever way gets to be known as the easiest or quickest way up the ladder becomes the new fasion. Many go that way. I don't see that being a fun way to play a game. I keep asking myself, "Could I make a character using as little to no money as possible? Could I make one that only gets equipment through trades? What other way could I limit myself to make an interesting game." SWG really succeeds on this point.

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