Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

Agenda for the weekend:

Friday; Jen
Saturday: James Coburn film festival.
Sunday: DND

I have an estimate for the basement. $5600 if I have it done now, but $4400 if I have it done the week of Christmas. The project takes two days. So, guess what I'm getting for Christmas? That's right, I'm getting french drains and a sump pump.

The house painting should happen late on the week of Sept. the 8th. $1800

Insect sprayers should come out Aug 26, in the afternoon. $450.

The Landmark course is about $450.

Dang, I'm feeling poor now. I'm not, but those numbers are just, well, phew! Oh, and I get to play for classes again. That's another $300.

What makes this bad is that it's all FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE. Drat. I'm not even smart enough to go to Jamaica and drink myself blind, then let two lovely but moraless and beautiful women take me home and take advantage of me. No, I have to rebuild my computer rather than catch social diseases. Am I lame or what????

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