Douglas Milewski (dacuteturtle) wrote,
Douglas Milewski

A Belief

I do not believe that people should go to prison for intellectual crimes. I do not believe that intellectual crimes should be felonies. Neither should they be misdemeanors. I believe that intellectual property is an oxymoron. I believe that the growing prohibition of bootlegged intellectual property will be as ineffective as the current prohibition against drugs, and the previous prohibition against alcohol. I believe that the creation of intellectual crimes is morally and socially wrong of the highest order, and fundamentally undermine democracy.

I believe that "intellectual rights granted by law" are appropriate, as our Constitution allows for those rights. I believe that current law is shaped by those economically vested in the shaping of those laws, and not necessarily the creators of said intellectual property. I believe that, if these laws sufficiently aggrivate the public, that the public significantly outvotes and out donates all special interests combined.

If we are to treat intellectual property as property, then we must also give squatters rights to that property. If we are to have intellectual property, then we must enact more favorable laws to those who create it, and prevent the loss of those right to those who have money. If we are to have intellectual property, the creators must be free to give that property away, by whatever means or mechanism they choose to distribute it.

Those are a few of my beliefs in our increasingly Dickensian nation. All Hail King George.

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